Uh, what?

Dear Diary,

Just a few of the strange things Edwin has been saying lately:

"Mommy, I wanna take your head off. It's dirty. (?)

"Mommy, are you have some boobs?" (He says this every morning while I'm getting dressed. I don't know what to say. Um, yes?)

"Mommy, are you wearin' underwears?" (Clearly, we have no boundaries.)

"Daddy, are you speak French?" (?)

"Sing it in your teeth!" (This means to sing the words to a song instead of humming it. I mean, duh.)

"Mommy/Daddy, are you happy?"

"Mommy, are you love cake?" (Meaning, do you love cake? We have some subject/verb agreement problems, with adorable results.)

"I have hair in my eyeballs."

"Mommy FIX IT!!!!" (He yells this several times a day.)

And as I write this, he keeps getting up out of bed to come into the office. He brings a different item with him each time: pillow pet, teddy, stuffed elephant, blanket, plastic horse. So it's pretty cute even while being completely annoying. I am doing the supernanny thing of unceremoniously putting him back in bed but he keeps doing it. Over and over. Surely he will tire of this activity. Right?

Wishing I could lock my precious son in his room,


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Odie Langley said...

I feel for you from being around my grandsons. It can get tiring and I know you treasure your quiet times even though you love him to pieces. Keep trying and the quiet time might actually come.