Grass greener, etc.

Dear Diary,

We have a small, very small, very very very small house which is small. 1200 square feet (I can't remember if the listing said "bungalow" or "cottage", but "cozy" was definitely in the description). Storage is one of the biggest problems. Not just because of the no closet situation, but also because there is limited space for storage furniture. I know, we're lucky to own a house at all, there are people far less fortunate, blah blah. I just have a hard time remembering that when I go to my friends' houses with huge walk-in closets and rooms where you can actually take three steps without running into a dog or a piece of furniture. Point being, I have house envy of everyone else.

But here is something interesting. Last night I went to a neighborhood book club meeting. The meeting was at my neighbor's house, which is the exact same model as our house (there are four of these houses on our street, and they are by far the smallest. I learned that our houses were built in 1933, while the rest of the neighborhood was built in the 1920's. So they just stuck these smaller ones in between the bigger ones, as an afterthought.)

Where was I? Oh, right. My neighbor's house. It's bigger. I mean, it's not bigger; it can't be. It's the exact same house. But it feels SO much bigger. And nicer. And prettier. Granted, she doesn't have two giant, smelly dogs but she DOES have two pre-teen sons (which is kind of like having two giant smelly dogs, right?) So how does her house seem bigger? And nicer? Is it just because I have poor-me complex and think that everyone has it better than I do? Or is she more skilled at arranging furniture? She even seems to have more furniture than we do. BUT IT STILL SEEMS BIGGER. How is this possible?

This is why I can't go to anyone's house, ever. Even one the exact same size as mine.



Odie Langley said...

I guess just how the furniture was placed could have made a difference.

Kate said...

I always have "house envy" (what would freud say?) when i go to other people's homes, homes that have been by the touch of an interior decorator or the passing on of beautiful family heirlooms. I still have furniture from my parent's home where i grew up!