Dear Diary,

I cannot compose a proper blog post these days because my brain is not working properly. But let me share this, in case you haven't seen it: http://whenparentstext.com. It is amazing. AMAZING.

And it does make me wonder how the whole texting thing has changed how famlies communicate. I don't text with my parents, but if I did, I wonder if they would be this funny? Probably not.



Hippie at Heart said...

Love it! Have you seen Texts from Last Night? It's hysterical! My girlfriend & I usually end our nights lying in bed & laughing our asses off at the days submissions.

Odie Langley said...

Sometimes I need a translator for my wifes texts the way she spells and the other evening I got a few butt texts from my daughter. So funny.

CaraBee said...

Love that! You've seen Damnyouautocorrect, right? I read it in bed and laughed so hard my husband yelled at me for shaking the bed.