Delicate condition

Dear Diary,

Not much new here, except, oh yeah, I’m pregnant. Yes. I am, once again, in a family way. It’s very exciting, and I am very fortunate. Having said that, I have also been very sick and miserable. And this is my blog, so I get to complain about it for a while!

The sickness set in right around 7.5 weeks (I’m now at about 12 weeks; wow, I’ve been feeling like I want to die for a whole month!) In fact, I can tell you exactly what I was doing when I started to feel sick. I was waiting in line for my hot dog and french fries (don't judge). And all the sudden, nooooooooooo, I am not wanting that hot dog. Recoil! Recoil in disgust! And since then I have been curled up in a ball trying not to barf. (I have evening sickness. I also had that with Edwin. Nighttime is definitely not the right time around here. I get into bed around 8:00 and whimper, occasionally asking the BHE to bring me toast. I remember telling him several months ago that if I get pregnant, his quality of life will plummet. I was right!)

What is interesting is that in the weeks before I discovered I was pregnant I was ravenously hungry. I could not eat enough. In fact, I gained about 10 pounds during that time. For me, that is a lot. So it all comes out in the wash, I guess. I was getting in my calories while I still could. Though, not that I don’t get in the calories now. I do eat. In fact, I eat a lot. I just feel terrible before, during, and after. And I only want to eat food that is bad for me (this is not a big change from normal circumstances). This is very difficult with a toddler in the house. How can I instill healthy eating habits in my child while I am eating swedish fish and smart food popcorn for breakfast? I’ll tell you how. I have to hide it. Anyway, here is a list of acceptable foods:

french fries (but not if they are seasoned, omg, vom)
egg mcmuffins
special k protein bars
more coke
more toast
peanuts, sometimes
yogurt, sometimes

Foods that can go to hell:

anything that resembles a normal, healthy meal that a reasonable adult might eat

So, this situation is taking up all of my time and energy. I am no trooper when it comes to nausea. I don’t handle it well at all. I have been functioning only on a very basic level. I do go to work (though rarely a full day). I do take care of Edwin when I have to, but he has learned to put on his own socks so he is pretty much raising himself at this point. However I do not clean, cook, grocery shop, or do laundry. So our house right now looks like it would if the BHE and Edwin got an apartment together. Ha, that would make a funny sitcom! If I didn’t feel like barfing.

Also, Edwin wants to name the baby Ponyo.



Melissa said...

Congratulations! I'm 24 weeks pregnant with my first and I had the all day nausea/evening puking from weeks 7-16 and it was awful! I hope you feel better soon, the first trimester sucks!

Odie Langley said...

Congratulations girl and I sure hope the sickness part calms down for you soon.

Sasha said...

Congrats! Oh Coke.... I drank so much while pregnant- you are right, it tastes so good and makes you feel SO much better!

Anonymous said...

BTW... it is trouper not trooper.

-The BIL (Sister B)

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Congrats Fluffy! Happy Baby!

CaraBee said...

Congratulations! What exciting news! I had terrible nausea throughout my pregnancy. From the moment I peed on the stick until the day they handed her into my arms for the first time. Ironically, I still managed to gain 50 pounds. Stupid irresistible filet o fishes. Anyways, here's hoping the second trimester brings all of the glows and joy it's supposed to!

Nicole R. said...

Congratulations, and I'm glad you're feeling better by now! Nausea is the worst. I had none with my first kid, but with my second I couldn't eat anything grilled. This lasted 7 or 8 months, which was a bummer because grilling is my husband's favorite way to cook.