Kid likes the rock

Dear Diary,

15 weeks and feeling better... most of the time. Still in somewhat disbelief of the whole situation. For the past week I've been like, "Jeez, why is my stomach sticking out so much? I look pregnant or something!" Oh, wait...

Edwin is hilarious. He spends a lot of time playing air guitar and singing "Burning Down the House". He knows all the words; it is a little unsettling. I'm not one of those hipster parents who only let their kid listen to music with a favorable review in Pitchfork. He listens to plenty of annoying kid crap, trust me. But he heard the song played by a cover band at a festival once, and he has been singing it ever since. So we let him watch the video, which he now requests several times a day. The kid is just really into the rock. Every time a song comes on the radio that he likes, he wants to know, "Who's dat singin'?"

He is also.. two and a half. So I spend a lot of every day just trying to stop him from breaking things and injuring himself. I often wonder how the hell I'm going to keep him in line when I have a baby attached to my boob all day. Maybe by then he will be more... sensible? Right? Have I mentioned that I am planning to leave my job and stay home after the baby is born? Unless someone wants to provide me with free childcare 3 days a week? Anyone?


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Odie Langley said...

Sure we love you Fluffy and I think it is a wonderful idea to stay home with the new baby. My youngest daughter has been home with my two grandsons and they are benefiting so much from she being there. Good luck with the toddler during the next phase. Have a good night and a great week ahead.