What Edwin did today

 - grabbed scissors, ran away with them

- dumped a whole bag of lentils out in the pantry, then methodically dropped them one by one into the attachment slot in the vacuum cleaner

- dumped an entire bottle of chocolate milk down his front (not intentional, still annoying)

- took a bite out of an intricately folded origami box (isn't that paper, like, toxic???)

- yelled "NOOOOOO! MIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!!" at the checkout girl at Ikea when she tried to scan the bag of frozen meatballs next to him in the cart

 - instead of napping, jumped on his bed singing "We Will Rock You" (also, took all his clothes off and then put his pants back on backwards)

And now we're having another one of these things. Thing One and Thing Two.


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Odie Langley said...

You have my deepest sympathy.