I'm so out of the loop

Dear Diary,

It has been three years since I had a baby. In baby gear trend time, that is like a whole generation. I have no idea what the new trends for baby gear are today. Not that I follow baby gear trends, but sometimes products come out and you're like, why didn't they have these when I had my baby? Like muslin swaddling blankets. Where were these when Edwin was born? I'm sure they existed, muslin is not some high-tech fabric, but I never saw them and now they're all the rage.

You moms who have had babies recently: what item of baby gear is new and amazing that I must must have? I'm not planning to buy a bunch of crap for this baby, but if there is something out there that is really great and will make my life easier (I'm very, VERY lazy), I'm willing to drop some coin. Thanks.

Love, Fluffy


Anonymous said...

Did you have a jumperoo for Edwin? That thing was a freaking life saver for us!

Nicole R. said...

I had a variety of hippie-ish baby carriers for my son five years ago, but for my daughter two years ago I broke down and went for the Ergo. Much, much easier.

Also, if you guys fly at all, I recommend the CARES Child Aviation Restraint System. Not for a baby, but great for a toddler.