What are the chances?

Dear Diary,

What are the chances that a pregnant woman has never had chickenpox, and never been vaccinated? Slim. And yet, I am that woman. What are the chances that this vulnerable pregnant woman would then go to a party and unknowingly hug someone with shingles? Twice? Very, very slim. And yet, I am also that woman.

Long story short, I've been exposed. My OB sort of said that my risk of infection is small (since it's not like I was massaging her festering sores or anything). But then he said that if I did get sick, the baby would be fine but it could be VERY VERY DANGEROUS for me because I could get varicella pneumonia and die. Thanks, doc! That's JUST what I needed to hear.

Well, at least this worry will trump all other pregnancy worries for the next (wait, let me count) 18 days. Oh, unless I get sick with the pox during the incubation period and then die of pneumonia.

Also, Edwin has only had diarrhea like maybe once in his life (after a too-much-chocolate-pudding situation). He is very regular. Until this, the third day of no diapers when he developed a case of the 'rrhea. Let me just tell you, changing poopy diapers on a 2.5 year old is no fun. Cleaning up diarrhea when your 2.5 year old didn't make it to the potty is EVEN LESS FUN.

Someone, please tell me I won't get varicella pneumonia and die? I'm not liking my odds here. Kthx.


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