Doesn't lose suction!

Dear Diary,

This weekend I attended an all-girl party. In addition to the bratwurst (hee hee), booze, and male stripper (of course) there was a very enthusiastic conversation about vacuum cleaners. I for one am sold on the Dyson and I'm going to start saving for one straight away. I just know it will make all my dreams come true. It doesn't lose suction! Imagine that.

Other weekend activity included lots of inactivity. I didn't even finish the crossword. I didn't cook for the BHE, not once. But I'm completely addicted to any British TV, of any sort. I just watched Catherine Zeta-Jones in Darling Buds of May. Charming! Last of the Summer Wine is awesome-- it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. They say "pussy" all the time on Are You Being Served. AND since they don't have guns over there, on Mystery! one cop shot another cop with a flare. Those zany Brits. So resourceful.

Did I mention the male stripper?

Love, Fluffy