Great Debate

Dear Diary,

Here is my commentary on the presidential debate.

1. Neither candidate mentioned robots. I found that rather disappointing and, quite frankly, irresponsible.

2. Why did Bush keep drinking out of an empty glass? He already looked bad enough; give the poor schmuck a refill.

3. Kerry said "back door draft". Heh heh.

4. Bush said "double duty". Heh heh.

5. Laura Bush and Teresa were wearing the same suit (not at the same time, but you know). Except that Teresa's had a more modern collar. And by "modern" I mean... odd.

6. What was up with the Kerrys' long, disgusting kiss at the end? Get a room.

7. Tom Brokaw looked like he had 'rhoids the way he kept shifting in his seat. Poor guy.

8. I have decided that Laura Bush is a robot. That would make the Bush girls half robot.

9. I have to applaud Kerry on his ability to say "nuclear proliferation". Try saying that 5 times fast. See? That's why you aren't running for president.

10. Two words: mexed missages. Good one, W.

Love, Fluffy