I want to ride it where I like.

Dear Diary,

This weekend the BHE and I are going to buy bikes. You know, a couple of Schwinn cruisers so we can tool around town. (We're not "mountain bike" people. Seriously, what mountain?)

My question is, what does one wear while one is bicycling around town? Bermuda shorts? A jaunty scarf? A martini? The answer is yes, yes, and yes. Because that's what I plan to wear. Don't worry, Diary. This is a hobby I will stick to. Not like photography, ballet, tennis, and the ukulele. You see, I have the BHE's support on this one. Though he did ask me, "Fluffy, don't you think you'd spill your drink on a bike?"

"But you see Darling, that's what they make sports bottles for."

Love, Fluffy