Love Letter

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

Less rehab, more internet videos of you snorting coke (or maybe making out with Samantha Ronson.) My work day is decidedly longer with you on the wagon.

Love, Fluffy

And speaking of Samantha Ronson, I find it very unsettling that there are two Mick Joneses: one of the Clash, and one of ...Foreigner. Don't get me wrong, I love Foreigner. I've often argued that the song "Cold as Ice" has pretty much everything one could ask for in a song- piano, sweet guitar riffs AND infectious backing vocals. But Samantha Ronson seemed a lot cooler when Mick Jones of the Clash was her step-father. Turns out it's the other Mick Jones. It's too bad they're not the same guy, because as the BHE accurately pointed out, "If it were the same guy, he'd be the awesomest guy ever."

A truer statement, I could not make.

Love again,


Anonymous said...

At least now you can see her in trashy, snuffy poses with that most quality celebrity, Vanessa Minillo.

Ashley said...

I just found your blog and totally ignored my kids for hours while I read every word. You are seriously funny!!

You and I are a lot alike, except you drink more (I'm trying to change that), you don't have kids (you could get knocked up anytime) and you have a job (that could change too).

I will be back, you've been warned.

Anonymous said...