Maybe She'll Go By Winter Instead

Dear Diary,

Congratulations to Nicole Ritchie (Richie, whatever) and that unattractive loser for having their baby or whatever, and everyone's all like-- ooooooh, what a cool name! Theoretically yes, it is a cool name, but aren't we all missing the obvious here? How long until Perez Hilton starts referring to her as "Harlot?"

I mean come on, that's a freebie.



Anonymous said...

whoz nicole ritchie?


Broady said...

"Harlot" - excellent call. Have to admit I also like Winter. Now, Nicole Ritchie stands as a target of derision and outrage for women struggling with fertility everywhere.

Anyone taking odds on how long she stays on the wagon?

Mel said...

Wow. That wa really something. How long it took you?. I think I must done one, even if I'm the only one who is gonna care about it.

a.s. said...

My husband's name is Harlow. His grandfather and great-grandfather were both Harlow.

Too bad that family name will die thanks to Nicole Richie. Ugggh.

(It was bad enough that the chick on Medium named her kid that...but who cared?)

Back to Housewives,


Anonymous said...