It's Monday! ZOMG!

Dear Everyone,

Please allow me to introduce my sister, Sister B. She has started a blog and you can read it here. (Don't worry, I will work with her on the exclamation point problem. I suppose when you have four children your entire life happens in exclamation points? I'm thinking maybe!!!)

Also! This weekend the BHE ran over the cable with the lawnmower. (I know, he really shouldn't have been mowing the living room.) But anyway, he is devastated about the temporary loss in cable. I think because of all the baseball. I couldn't care less, now that the Real Housewives of NYC is over. I'm hopeful that Bethenny will find her way onto another reality show so that she can dump a whole bucket of crazy into my living room again soon.

And in addition! Our kitchen should be finished today, which is great because we're almost out of plastic forks and I am down to my last Stouffer's tv dinner.