Striken: Part Eight Hundred

Dear Diary,

The poor mad man has been sick with a fever since Thursday. I took him to the doc on Friday, hoping he had an ear infection so that he'd get his antibiotics and be all better. But, no. The doctor was all, "Huh. I dunno... probably a virus. But he's breathing a little fast, so keep an eye out for [insert list of vague but scary symptoms]. OK, have a great weekend!" Riiiiiiight.

So since then we've been totally freaking out, obsessively watching his breathing and taking his temperature (in between doses of ibuprofen). For Edwin's part, he's mostly been happy and playing, except when his fever goes up, when he whimpers and pants and generally scares the shit out of everyone.

I call shenanigans on this fever, and I call shenanigans on whatever foreign intruder is invading my precious boy's little baby body. Cease and desist!

Any comments about how babies get fevers for several days and wind up just fine are welcome and even encouraged. Kthx.



jenn said...

First of all, it's an iron-clad rule that the scariest viruses strike on weekends.

Both of mine had roseola, which was several days on end of the scariest high fevers (103-104), panting, etc. I'd ever experienced. Scared the crap out of me. Around day four or five, when the fever had broken & they seemed pretty fine, they break out in a pinpoint red rash all over. That's how you can tell it's roseola. Harmless, but terrifying for the mommy.

Feel bettr, Edwin!

broady said...

The bear got this nasty virus called "RSV" (Respiratory Sistitial Virus) when he was about 7 months, which came with labored and wheezy breathing, high fever, and the checklist of things to watch for in case we needed to hustle him to the ER. It was scary and it sucked in general. We were also given our very own, shiny, new nebulizer which he got to enjoy several times a day for over a week. RSV lasts for about 2 weeks, but after one week he was feeling better, if not quite up to par.

So everything turned out fine, despite a few scary days of waking him and checking his temp because I was terrified he'd spike a catastrophic fever while I slept. But I agree with you, the glazed-eye whimpering was the worst, pathetic and scared the bajeezus out of me. I'll take Mr. Crankypants over that any day.

Hang in there!

julie said...

maybe it is the dreaded but ultimately uneventful "three day fever" my darling girls get once every now and again. three days of freaky heat and almost sickness then poof! like magic it is gone and nobody is the worse for wear. the germs move in and your strong baby fights them off with his newly developed anti-bodies. gotta learn to fight 'em off sometime, right? if it goes beyond three days, get thee back to that doc to make them fix him up. scary stuff. fluid that little baby up!

julie g.

Muffy's Bestie said...

Both of my kids have had RSV and Roseola PLUS another fun one called Hand, Foot and Mouth disease! I know.....not aware I was raising them in a barnyard. SUPER high fevers that scared the bejesus right out of me. Hang in there. Tons of TLC is in order (for you both!)

La Rivera said...

It's very un-fun, but he will turn out fine. If I'm not mistaken, he will come out stronger when it's over. Like a superbaby. And then germs will just bounce off his chest next time, and he'll laugh.

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