Anyone want some dogs?

Dear Diary,

Remember when I used to love my dogs? Now, not so much with the loving of the dogs. They smell, they shed, they go outside and graze in the yard and then come in and barf up piles of grass and twigs all over the place, they bark, they slobber all over Edwin constantly, they drink all the water in the baby pool while he's in it. I remember people telling us that once we had a kid we would be WAY less enamored of our dogs. And I thought, that will never happen, no way. But guess what? Way.

Our cats' approval rating ain't soaring through the roof right now either. But Edwin loves them so much, SO MUCH, that they are kind of skating by on that. Also, neither of them has put Edwin's entire arm in their mouth, and I can't really say the same about our black lab, Petey (aka "a Pete").

Here I am with a Pete, probably the last time I was enamored of him: when he was helping me through my early stages of labor.

It almost looks as if he knows what is to come. Poor dog.



Kate said...

our poor animals really get the short end of the stick when the terrorizing new interlopers come to stay.

La Rivera said...

You're a champ compared to me. We had our cat for three years, and I adopted him off two months after Nico was born.

Broady said...

Our lab is very fortunate that the Bear loves her so much. I'm pretty well over dusting dog hair off my son... not to mention the whines for attention or bathroom breaks that are always at the most inopportune times (which are admittedly frequent these days). But on the bright side, they play together beautifully to the point that the dog is starting to earn points for entertaining the little chap. They chase each other around the house with toys while the kid cackles... pretty darn cute.

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