how it goes

Dear Diary,

I'm sitting here waiting for the mad man to fall asleep in his crib for a nap. He is not screaming, which is good, but he seems to be playing and pointing at things and squealing and generally engaging in non nap-like behavior. So how long do I let this go on? For the duration of what should be his naptime, even if he never falls asleep? THEN what? Just bag the afternoon nap altogether? Let him fall asleep in the baby pool? Because we have a poolside happy hour planned for 5:00 and unless he has an afternoon nap, it probably won't be a very happy happy hour. Ugh, these are the questions that plague me as a parent.

In other news, I'm 34 now. I got $100 for my birfday and I'm getting my hair did, which as you can see from the pictures of me below is a dire necessity. It's amazing how long I can ignore how bad my hair looks. Kind of like how I can ignore a pile of laundry, or a pile of dog vomit. Which is kind of what my hair is starting to look like.

Oh, also: Edwin said "dog".