Or the dinosaurs...

Dear Diary,

Edwin is being Ferberized at the moment, even as I type this. Yes, yes, we are on night 2 of the "graduated extinction" method of sleep training (which, my friend Meghan pointed out, sounds like something they did to the Jews during the Holocaust). I don't want to get into all the details and issues, but he HAD to get out of our bed. He had started sleep standing, sleep crawling, etc. and it was just time. I feel plenty guilty about it, but it has to be done.

We took our first Windover family vacation this weekend. When I say "vacation" I mean two days in Rehoboth, because I don't get paid vacation anymore but we still have to pay for daycare even if Edwin isn't there. Anyway, it was fun. Edwin had such a great time. Favorite attractions included seagulls, Funland, and the trash can in our hotel room, into which he carefully placed the BHE's flip flops.

At Funland! Edwin went on the merry go round not once, but TWICE, that daredevil. Also the ferris wheel. He is totally extreme.

First encounter with the mighty Atlantic.

Probably pointing at a fat lady. Seriously, at the hotel pool he pointed at a VERY fat lady and went, "Heh heh." Awkward.


OK, gotta get ready for my 15 minute "check and console". Actually, I think he may have fallen asleep. Could it be? Ha, of course not.



Bailey said...

Good luck! The first few days of sleep training are, of course, the hardest. He'll get better at sleeping or, at least, you'll get better at listening to crying.

Kate said...

With Ian, I started just putting my pillow over my head and I could totally sleep through his screaming. Call me callous; whatever! Payback is a bitch though, since we can't Ferberize Alex now because he's sharing a room with Ian. So we're up every frigging night feeding him and sleeping on the couch.

Oh, dear - I saw that I had typed "put my pillow over HIS head"... is that some horrible Freudian slip?

La Rivera said...

First encounter with mighty Atlantic -- really, really super cute.

Anonymous said...