creepy jack

Dear Diary,

Right now Edwin is in his room with the BHE, playing with his creepy vintage 70's Fisher Price
jack-in-the box (it was the BHE's). He LOVES that stupid thing, of course. He has figured out how to push the button himself, but he's still a bit scared of the result. So he goes to push it and simultaneously tries to scamper up onto whomever's lap is closest. Anyway, the thing makes this horrible noise when it pops out that kind of sounds like a dying puppy. This drives our female dog to terrible distraction. Her mothering instinct kicks in and she whines and paces and tries to get at this poor puppy in distress, driving everyone crazy. So the whole ordeal is annoying. And of course Edwin wants to play with this thing 800 times a day, and even though we put it up on a shelf in his room. He points to it and squeals until we get it down for him.

So that's what's going on right now at the Windover house. I know, very exciting. Not much else going on, really. Also this weekend, Edwin discovered just how much he likes blueberries (A WHOLE LOT). So that was a fun diaper.