Oh, world.

Dear Diary,

I am at the start of a long loooooong holiday weekend. Tomorrow my mother is coming over with my two nieces. I am hoping to take this opportunity to do laundry while they play with Edwin. He is bored with me of late, I think, so this will be good for him.

Saturday we are going up to the BHE's mom's vacation place in the Poconos. I am hoping Edwin will get some quality lake time, as he's become quite the outdoorsman (I know, is he really my son?) ALL he wants to do is go outside. And once we come in he points to the door and says, "OUT."

What else? Oh, I don't know. I've been thinking a lot about work and how I hate it and how I wish I could stay home but then again I think it would be really weird to just be completely out of the work force and dependent on Brendan for money and blah blah blah. I have so many conflicting feelings about motherhood and working. I never really want to get into them on this blog because it is a controversial issue for sure and anyway, I don't really want to share the details of my financial OR professional situation.

So let's just say that I've been buying a mega-millions ticket every week and leave it at that.



Kate said...

I buy lottery tickets, too, with the rationale that it's the only way I can imagine not working - I just can't see myself depending on someone else for $$, even when there are lots of days I'd rather be rolling around on the floor with my kids than pretending I love work.

Anonymous said...